Overcoming The Reluctance To Use Hearing Aids In Your Daily Life

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April 20, 2017
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You probably remember the day all too well. You’re talking with a friend or family member when the conversation quickly escalates to shouting and head shaking. You soon realize that you can’t hear what the other person is saying. No one wants to lose their hearing or wear hearing aids, but it’s a reality.

When you’re hearing impaired it feels isolating and confusing. Aging is difficult enough without having to deal with hearing loss. That’s why hearing aids are so important and the hesitancy to use them needs to be addressed. Learn how to overcome the reluctance to using hearing aids and start enjoying life again.

Embrace your Age

Getting older is never easy. It means mental, emotional and physical changes that make you feel awkward and uncomfortable. Hearing loss only reminds you more that you’re aging and your body is changing. Instead of fighting this natural phenomenon, embrace your age and accept what you can’t change.

Start seeing aging as growing wiser and more mature. Find activities you’re able to participate in and groups of people who are like you and will understand what you’re going through. Be realistic about what the hearing aid will inhibit you to do and what you’re choosing to no longer do. It may soon become clear you’re holding yourself back because you’re too focused on age and hearing, instead of embracing your age and doing what you can to enjoy life.

View it as A Challenge

Hearing loss typically comes as we age and, therefore, one can only assume you’ve been through quite a few challenges in your life. A hearing aid is simply another challenge you need to cope with and overcome. The real culprit here is change. Change isn’t easy for most people. Learning about hearing loss and a new way of life is disruptive and feels uneasy.

When faced with the reluctance to use hearing aids, see if it’s your attitude that’s getting in the way. Challenges are scary, but they’re also rewarding. A hearing aid isn’t tied to the value of you as a human being. Make this separation and know that although hearing loss brings difficult times, it’s in no way changing who you are as a person.

Get Comfortable with the Look

We all want to look good and a hearing aid may have you more reluctant than ever to wear one. Improving the ability to communicate is obviously the primary goal of all parties. In addition, the look and feel of the device must be considered. Try on different styles and get comfortable with a hearing aid that you feel good wearing.

There’s an ongoing discussion about what’s more important, the cosmetic factors or what the hearing aid will actually do to improve your life. The decision is yours. They make small hearing aids for those who prefer it to be camouflaged and advanced technology for those who have a greater focus on the results.


The reluctance to use hearing aids is common, but that doesn’t mean you need to be apprehensive. While there are challenges to hearing loss, there are ways to overcome roadblocks and live a happy life with hearing aids. Remember to embrace your age, view it is a learning curve and get comfortable with a look that speaks to you.


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