Hearing Loss and Relationships – How Do They Relate

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April 25, 2017
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May 19, 2017

Experiencing hearing loss can be a difficult time in one’s life, no matter their age or marital status. Whether you’re retired or still working, have an active social life or prefer to stay home, hearing problems can affect you on a day to day basis. If left unresolved, the loss of your hearing will certainly affect the relationships you have with others. To what extent this occurs is, of course, a case by case basis, but there are a few general ways in which most people’s relationships are affected when you can’t hear adequately.

Changing The Way You Communicate

Since so many parts of our lives depend on being able to hear each other to communicate, experiencing hearing loss can dramatically change how you interact with others. Let’s say that prior to being hearing impaired you enjoyed conversations with your spouse and depended on your daily chats to keep each other up to date on the day’s activities.

If it’s harder for you to hear what your partner has to say, there’s a good chance that the amount you talk will take a sharp turn for the worse. Instead of talking, maybe you’ll rely on writing things down on a calendar or notepad, but ultimately the level of connection the two of you have will be diminished.

Affecting Group Activities

A lot of fun social activities are very dependent on being able to hear what’s going on around you and interacting with others in a group. For people who enjoy an engaging social life, experiencing hearing impairment might be very challenging. Nights out to see live music, going to the movies, or even just meeting friends for dinner and drinks all start to become activities that are hard to participate in.

Even staying at home and watching television or a sports game can become too challenging of a task to attempt. Living with hearing loss not only changes your own outlook toward and your participation in your favorite past times, but it also separates you from those who joined you for these events.

A Deeper Level Of Concern

So far we’ve addressed concerns related to hearing loss and relationships with others in the context of enjoyable activities and shared hobbies. Yet think for a moment about how being hearing impaired might affect your deeper relationship with your spouse, children, or friends. When one of these important people need advice about a problem or want to express how much they care about you, it will be a challenge to relate to them on an emotional level if you can’t clearly hear their words.

Unfortunately, this often leads to frustration and resentment, as those affected by hearing loss might wonder “why me?” and wish there was a simple solution. The people in their lives might also experience a certain level of irritation, as they are not used to this new dynamic of having to repeat things, speak louder, or in more extreme cases resort to written communication.

Overcoming The Challenge

 Most of the time hearing loss can be dramatically improved with the use of hearing devices, and can even be enhanced with Bluetooth technology. Your relationships don’t have to suffer because you experience hearing impairment. By visiting our office and having a hearing evaluation done, you might learn that it’s a quick journey to get back to your normal way of life.


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