What You Need to Know About “Made for iPhone” Hearing Aids

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There is no doubt that technology is advancing by leaps and bounds in the hearing industry as consumers demand more. Assistive technology is becoming more common and intuitive, hearing aids are offering ever-more features designed to help those with hearing loss hear more naturally, and integrations with a variety of devices are becoming the norm. Integrations like those found in “Made for iPhone” hearing aids are now making a big splash in the hearing aid market.

Hearing aid companies and technology giant Apple have joined forces to make navigating today’s hearing world easier than ever for those with hearing loss.

It is reported that over 37 million Americans are affected by hearing loss and the vast majority of those with hearing loss never take action on it for several reasons. Many people report they feel self-conscious about wearing hearing aids and having to make very obvious adjustments depending on where they are. Some believe hearing aids will be a hassle to use and maintain in their everyday lives. Apple and top hearing aid companies have recognized this need and created technology to help those millions of people take control of their hearing in today’s world.

The “Made for iPhone” program, which partners top hearing aid companies with Apple, uses Bluetooth and a special protocol technology from Apple to seamlessly connect with devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Apple watches. Users are then able to stream audio directly from their device to their compatible hearing aids. Users can take phone calls and listen to common apps such as Pandora, Netflix, and YouTube all without skipping a beat or needing additional streaming devices. That’s not all though. “Made for iPhone” hearing aids and Apple technology allow users to:

  • Stream sound from a compatible device
  • Track hearing aid battery life
  • Use a “Find my hearing aid” setting when they’ve been misplaced
  • Adjust settings and volume for the hearing aid through the iPhone instead of the hearing aids themselves, including switching between programs that have been preset by hearing healthcare professionals
  • In some cases, the “Made for iPhone” hearing aids are able to use geotagging, switching settings automatically to options such as the restaurant setting for clearer hearing in noisy environments
  • Use the Apple device as a microphone to hear others at a distance
  • Some hearing aids even allow users to record conversations with their compatible devices

Apple has been designing products with accessibility in mind for years. “When we created the ‘Made for iPhone’ hearing aid program, the key question was ‘how do we improve the ability for someone with hearing loss to use an iOS device to do all the things everyone else does, from making phone calls to FaceTime to listening to music and watching movies?'” said Sarah Herrlinger, Apple’s senior manager for global accessibility policy and initiatives.

While there are some tradeoffs to the “Made for iPhone” hearing aids such as shorter battery life, the inability to make more advanced tweaks to their settings, and a higher price tag, for many, these hearing aids are a perfect fit for their lifestyle.

If you’re interested in learning more about “Made for iPhone” hearing aids, talk with your hearing healthcare provider today about the variety of options now available.



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