Making Father’s Day With Hearing Loss Special

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Father's day celebration in family

June is a great time of year for Father’s Day, thanks to warm weather and plenty of sunshine. Father’s Day is a chance to spend quality time with dad doing the things he loves. For a father living with hearing loss, you may feel more limited in the activities you can do together this Father’s Day. But, there are actually plenty of ways to make this Father’s Day special for your dad, despite complications with hearing.

Hearing aids and assistive listening devices (ALDs) go a long way to help individuals with a hearing loss enjoy all situations. But to have the best experience with your father this dad’s day, consider talking to him about how well his hearing aid is working for him. You may find that adjustments need to be made, or that he is not wearing his hearing aid as much as he should. Once you’ve ensured dad is enjoying the best hearing possible, you can plan for his Father’s Day.


Gifts To Give Dad

You may want to consider gifts that take your dad’s hearing one step further with the help of technology. Since not all insurance plans cover more expensive hearing aids, you may want to consider trading his in for a higher quality model as a Father’s Day gift.


Smart Hearing Aids

The newest technology in hearing aids integrates ALDs into the devices. For example, special adaptors can send the family TV’s audio signal directly to dad’s hearing aid. That means he can turn the volume up at will without bothering anyone else. Smart hearing aid technology, with the help of an iPhone app or small mobile device, can also send telephone calls directly to your dad’s hearing aid, so that connecting with loved ones on Father’s day is easier.


Hearing Aid Cases

A great gift option if your father seems to be misplacing his hearing aid too often is a new hearing aid case. Choosing a larger, brightly colored one will help keep it noticeable around the house or when on vacation, so that dad can wear his devices and be fully engaged in his Father’s Day experience.


Appropriate Father’s Day Activities

While additional considerations need to be made now that your dad wears a hearing aid, it doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy the special day together in your usual way. You may need to change plans slightly depending on the noise level of the activity you’re used to participating in, but alternative activities with a similar feel are definitely an option.


Sporting Events

Depending on the severity of your father’s hearing loss and the effectiveness of his hearing aid, attending a rowdy sporting event may be cumbersome. Talk to your dad about his comfort level. You may find that he copes quite well, and his hearing aid does a great job in these kinds of environments.

Or, you may find that the background noise is just too much of an interference. If this is the case you can look for an alternate sports themed event. Try choosing a sport that doesn’t involve so much background noise, such as golf. Or you may choose to watch the game outside in the backyard with family, recreating the feel of the game with beer and stadium themed snacks.


Father’s Day Dinner

If your tradition with dad is to go out for a Father’s Day dinner, then go for it. Just make sure the restaurant you choose has compartmented seating to cut down on surrounding noise. Cafeteria style seating plans are not conducive to reducing noise. Depending on the severity of his hearing loss, you may want to ask dad to bring his ALD remote microphone, if he owns one, so he can fully enjoy the conversation at the table.

Father’s Day with hearing loss doesn’t have to be less enjoyable. Great gifts will help your dad enjoy his hearing to the fullest. Father’s Day activities can be just as fun with a little planning ahead of time, keeping your father’s hearing health in mind.



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