Julie Ball, M.A., Owner

Julie Ball, M.A., is an audiologist and the owner of Anaheim & Brea Hearing Center. She loves to listen to and tell good stories, so hearing health is of the utmost importance to her!

Born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin (three blocks from Lambeau Field), she moved to San Diego as a teenager and later graduated from Westmont College in Santa Barbara.

Julie became interested in audiology when her son experienced numerous ear problems as a child. She later took an audiology class at Cal State Los Angeles and was hooked! As an audiologist, Julie is able to utilize her empathetic nature and advanced knowledge of hearing aid technology to help people hear well and stay connected to the world around them. She purchased Anaheim & Brea Hearing Center in 2009 after nearly a decade of working in hospital and clinical settings at St. Jude Medical Center and Providence Speech and Hearing Center.

Julie enjoys reading, golfing, hiking, traveling, and most importantly, spending time with her two grown children, her grandson, and her schnoodle (a poodle and schnauzer mixed breed). She is led by the Biblical principle to “treat others as you would want to be treated.”

Gabby Romero, Audiology Assistant

Gabby Romero, Audiology Assistant, serves her patients with heart and energy. She has worked at Anaheim & Brea Hearing Center since 2005 and has moved her way up in the office from a part-time front office person to an indispensable Audiology Assistant. She is proficient at cleaning and servicing all hearing instruments and assistive listening devices. She is an instinctive trouble-shooter, taking the time to first listen to the patient’s concerns and then taking the device to her well-stocked workbench and figuring out what can be done to solve the problem. Assistive listening devices and accessories enhance the listening pleasure of people with hearing challenges, and Gabby is the expert to help people feel comfortable with new technology.

our staff

Marissa Desborough, Receptionist

Marissa Desborough studied at Hope International University and received her BA in music and ministry. She is also the music director at Concordia Lutheran Church in Cerritos. Her background in music gives her a unique perspective into the importance of hearing and communication. As a mother of two, Marissa understands the way that communication affects the growth of familial relationships. She loves working at Anaheim & Brea Hearing Center because of the joy it brings patients and their loved ones to be able to reconnect and to communicate effectively.


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