What is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is:

  • A healthcare professional who has earned a graduate degree in the diagnosis, treatment and management of hearing health.
  • Licensed by the state to select, fit and dispense hearing aids.
  • An expert in understanding how hearing health affects people’s lives and finding individual solutions for hearing problems.
  • Not a medical doctor and does not treat hearing health concerns with medicine or surgery.

Does insurance cover the cost of hearing aids?

Most major insurance companies do not cover hearing aids, although some may cover testing and/or have negotiated discounted prices on hearing aids from certain providers.

Many of our patients are unaware of their insurance benefits for hearing healthcare. This is a service we provide as we are happy to contact insurance companies to confirm your benefits.

Please Note: If we are not listed as providers on your HMO, PPO, or other plans, and you’ve been offered discounted hearing services or products through them, bring in the information you’ve received and we will work with you. For example, we have given discounts to members of Kaiser and Secure Horizons in the past.

Do you offer free hearing screenings?

Yes. In an effort to encourage community members to take an active role in their hearing health, we are committed to providing 1,000 FREE hearing screenings this year. Join the movement and get your free screening today!

How do I know which hearing aid is best for me?

The process to determine which device is best for you begins with a complete diagnostic hearing evaluation to determine the extent of any hearing loss you may have. Once medical hearing problems have been ruled out, our audiologist will learn more about your individual needs and expectations. She will then offer suggestions that will meet your particular needs best, and answer any questions you may have.

What is the process for getting a hearing aid?

The first step is to be examined by an audiologist to determine the extent of your hearing issues. Following that, the audiologist will explain the test findings in detail, and, if needed, refer you for treatment of any medical condition affecting your hearing. If hearing aids are appropriate, she will explain the most suitable styles and technology for your particular hearing needs. When you feel comfortable with the devices selected, the audiologist will make impressions of your ears and order the hearing aids. The instruments will be ready for fitting about two weeks later.

Does your office offer an evaluation period for hearing aids?

Our practice offers a 60-day evaluation period on most hearing aids we dispense. During that period, our audiologist will take the necessary steps to ensure that you are getting the most from your new aids. At any time during the trial period, if you decide that your hearing devices are not working for you, simply return them and your money will be refunded.

Do you repair hearing aids?

We are fortunate to have an experienced repair expert on staff to service hearing devices. Most routine in-house services costs $25 and includes a Midas Vacuum System treatment, which removes moisture, wax and humidity from the instrument, as well as careful cleaning of your device. If we must send your instrument out for repair, the cost is dependent on the manufacturer, includes a six to twelve month warranty, and usually takes 7–10 days. If your device needs repair, please visit us during our walk-in hours, 11am to noon, Monday through Thursday, or call for an appointment.


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